Retinal Lesion Detection Project

The project aims to reliably detection retinal lesions – both white lesions (exudates, drusen and cotton wool spots) and dark lesions (haemorrhages and microaneurysms – HMEs) with a view to detection of retinal diseases. Many lesions are faint and/or small, and there is a great variation in appearance and scale, making accurate segmentation extremely difficult. Our approach is to concentrate on very accurate segmentation of potential lesions, so that highly accurate classifiers can be developed. We therefore first detect candidate lesions using peak detection algorithms, then segment using specially developed level set methods. Following accurate segmentation it is possible to extract features to perform successful classification.

The ONH dataset for comparative studies ia under construction.

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Dr. Bashir Al-Diri (PhD., MSc., BSc., FHEA)
Lincoln School of Computer Science
University of Lincoln
Brayford Pool
Lincoln LN6 7TS
United Kingdom
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