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Retinal Blood Vessels
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Retinal Blood Vessels

The retinal blood vessels nourish the inner layers of the retina and they form trees like networks (Forest) emerging at the optic disc and spreading over the retina by branching and thinning. On the temporal retinal side, the networks ’hang around’ the macula by following double parabolic paths. Close to the optic disc rim, the venous tree alternates with the arterial tree around the optic disc unless they cross each other. The blood vessels vary in size from very large, down to capillaries that are too fine to be captured by camera. The blood vessel networks are amendable to quantitative and qualitative analysis by image analysis techniques.

Normal Fundus Image

The retinal vascular tree is known to be affected by ageing and diseases such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Changes in vessel structure vary between arteries and veins. Tortuosity has a very different course in arteries and veins while retinopathy progresses, and some lesions are peculiar to only one type of vessels, e.g. focal narrowing for arteries, beading for veins.

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